3D Virtual Tour FAQs

  1. What is it?

3D Virtual Tours give buyers and tenants the ability to walk through your property, while sitting in theirs. They can move seamlessly from room to room, giving them a greater understanding of the floorplan, and the layout of the rooms.

  1. How is it different to photographs?

Beautifully staged professional pictures are an essential way to market a property. They showcase a property to its highest potential, and are especially key in creating that important emotional connection between a buyer and a property.

3D Virtual Tours appeal to the practical side of viewing a property. It gives the ability to look around the whole room, without physically being there. Viewers can rotate left, right, up and down, for a full 360 degrees. They see how rooms connect, and get a comprehensive understanding of the space and the floorplan.

  1. Why do I need one?

A 3D Virtual Tour means people can view your home, without leaving theirs, at any time of the day. In the past, this has proven immensely helpful to sales and leases involving interstate buyers and tenants. Today, it is the only way for all interested buyers and tenants to view your property safely.

  1. Do people need to wear virtual reality glasses to view a 3D Virtual Tour?

No. We create a link to the tour, and people simply click on the link and are able to view it like a normal webpage.

  1. Will I still be asked for private inspections?

We will only request a private inspection at your property after the 3D virtual tour has been viewed.

While 3D tours give the ability for all buyers and tenants to do an “inspection” of the property, we also believe it will naturally remove those people that don’t find the property suitable. This will reduce the number of private inspections to people that are genuine and ready.

  1. How much does it cost?

We are now providing 3D Virtual Tours for FREE to help keep our clients, and their properties, safe.